Friday, June 29, 2007


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That's what I'm shooting for here...

Online Dating

(HT some dejected Brewers fan -- Seriously, keep him away from sharp objects tonight.)

Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Hear, hear

Jeff at TvM provides a very good analysis of the kerfuffle over MDE "exposure" of former Democratic Senator Dean Barkley's page.

Quick background: Brodkorb reports on Barkley's page at the dating service, pointing out some of the more "ishy" aspects of his lookin' for love. Blogosphere righties react, pretty much unanimously, that "C'mon, conservatives are above this." MDE responds on "his show" (NARN Final Word) that we "shouldn't take a knife to a gunfight," and we need to get down and dirty just like the Democrats.

As I said, Jeff's take is very good, so please go read it. I'll go ahead and make a feeble attempt to echo the point, though. We on the right are running the risk of having short memories. Yes, we got our asses handed to us in the 2006 elections, but let's remember -- one of the big reasons we won (and won big!) in 2000, 2002, and 2004 is that we stood for something. By contrast, Democrats get beat when they show themselves to be the party that's against everything and for nothing.

We are better than this. We do not need to get into the mud. We can stand on our own principles, rather than a platform of "we're not [insert opponent's name here]." Maybe that's what happened to us in '06 -- we focused too much on the weaknesses of the opponents rather than the strengths of our candidates.

Think about it. How many of us (including myself here) can say they spent more time writing pro-Kennedy posts than they did writing anti-Klobuchar posts?

When the other side acts like jackasses, yes, it's fun to ridicule the fact that they are acting like jackasses, but that doesn't mean we join them in the mud. It's called "the high ground" for a reason.

I'll take that action!

"Global Warming," eh? Wanna bet?
An internationally known expert on forecasting methods is challenging Al Gore to a bet over his prediction of global warming temperature increases.

Marketing professor Scott Armstrong of the University of Pennsylvania's Wharton business school is offering to put up $10,000 in a bet for charity.

The wager would involve Gore's forecasts against what is called the "naive model" — in which temperatures basically would stay the same.

Armstrong believes most climate change forecasts use bad methodology. He says the bet is meant as a way to provoke debate.

Armstrong says he hasn't gotten a response yet — and Gore's office did not return a call from us asking for reaction to the challenge.

Gore did say, however, that hypothetically, if he did take the bet and win, he would put the $10,000 in a lock box.

Not what we mean by "Reagan Democrat"

Guess who's coming to dinner (or not)?
Florida firefighter Jennifer Lasko is one of four people picked to have dinner with Barack Obama next month in Washington. She won the spot after writing an essay explaining her political transformation from Reagan conservative U.S. Army soldier to anti-war liberal Democrat.

Then The Palm Beach Post reported that Jennifer Lasko had another transformation — she used to be John William Lasko — and underwent a sex change operation two-and-a-half years ago.

Lasko has since offered to bow out of the Obama dinner. But an Obama spokeswoman says Lasko is still welcome to come and the decision is up to her.

Now that, ladies and gentlemen, is a flip-flopper!

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Secure Borders Now

Unhappy with today's cloture vote in the Senate on immigration reform legislation?

Then, go sign this petition put forth by Senator James Inhofe:

Secure Borders Now

(HT Power Line)

Mars habitable by end of century?

[Insert obligatory Uranus joke here.]

This guy thinks it's possible. Guess how:
ASPEN, Colo. - Mars will be transformed into a shirt-sleeve, habitable world for humanity before century's end, made livable by thawing out the coldish climes of the Red Planet and altering its now carbon dioxide-rich atmosphere....

"I suggest that the near-term outlook is that Mars will be terraformed,"
["noted physicist" Lowell] Wood said, adding that he thinks the effort will be seriously underway by the middle of this century and essentially complete by the end of the 21st century.

Wood defined terraforming as "the purposeful alteration of the physical environment to increase its habitability for humans."

He noted that we Homo sapiens are a terraforming species, pointing to our own planet's alteration over time....
[Here we go...]

Wood said that Mars currently is "stuck" in a semi-permanent "thermal depression." But there is a multiplicity of design solutions, he foresees, such as engineering an artificial greenhouse effect at the planet that warms the world and makes it "a more preferred planet."

Overall, Wood said that a workable plan can be scripted to raise the average temperature of Mars, rid the world of excess carbon dioxide and generate soil to support agriculture....

Just who does this asshole think he is (I know, a "noted physicist")? It's bad enough that there are people here on Earth arrogant enough to think that man can significantly affect our climate. Mr. Wood thinks a greenhouse cloud can be put around Mars to raise the temperature enough to make it liveable for humans. According to Mars Stats, typical temperatures on Mars currently run between -80 F and -40 F, so we're talking at least a 100 degree swing here -- and that's just enough to make it like Fargo!

And ok, Mr. "Noted Physicist," let's do a little more math while we're at it. Again, from Mars Stats, here is the current composition of Mars's atmosphere:
  • Carbon Dioxide . . . . . . . 95.3%

  • Nitrogen . . . . . . . . 2.7%

  • Argon . . . . . . . . . 1.6%

  • Oxygen . . . . . . . . . 0.15%

  • Water . . . . . . . . . 0.03%

  • Even if it were possible to "rid the world of excess carbon dioxide" -- like all of it -- you know, that pesky 95.3% of the atmosphere -- here's what would be left:
  • Nitrogen . . . . . . . . 60.3%

  • Argon . . . . . . . . . 35.7%

  • Oxygen . . . . . . . . . 3.3%

  • Water . . . . . . . . . 0.7%

  • The oxygen jumps up to a whopping 3.3% -- that's "habitable" (Earth's atmosphere is 21% oxygen)?!

    If this clown's a noted physicist, then I'm a noted journalist!

    Monday, June 25, 2007

    Don't try this at home

    Grandma to Accept Plea Deal for Submitting Ballots in Dog's Name
    Washington state officials have a bone to pick with one grandmother who is currently in the doghouse for protesting a 2005 voter registration law.

    In a plea deal, Jane Balogh is likely to get 10 hours of community service, a $250 fine and a one-year probation after her dog Duncan M. MacDonald illegally voted in three elections....

    "I wasn't trying to do anything fraudulent.
    [heh!] I was trying to prove that our system is flawed. So I got myself in trouble," Balogh, 66, told The Seattle Times....

    First thought: Wanna bet the dog's a Democrat? If it's not close, they can't bark (or something like that).

    Second thought: Ok, this story is cute enough, but I think we're running away from the real problem. It starts with Ms. Balogh's terrier, but let's not ignore the 800-lb German Shepherd in the room.

    Think about the number of Chihuahuas that illegally "make a run for the border" every year! It won't be long before the Democrats in Congress (yes, I'm sorry to say, even the "Blue Dog" Democrats) will lobby for voting rights for these mangy mutts just like good ol' American dogs!

    [pounding fist] It's not right, I tells ya...!

    What say you, Chief?

    Kobayashi has "Weiner Mouth"

    It's always heartbreaking to see a great athlete go down with an injury.
    TOKYO - A Japanese man who set a world record by wolfing down dozens of hot dogs within minutes has suffered a severe jaw injury due to his rigorous training, making his next title uncertain.

    Takeru "Tsunami" Kobayashi said he can only open his mouth to make a gap the size of a fingertip after being diagnosed with jaw arthritis.

    In an entry on his blog entitled "Occupational hazard," Kobayashi said: "My jaw refused to fight any more."

    That's too bad. Among the classic Fouth of July traditions are baseball, barbeques, fireworks, and watching Kobayashi cram hot dogs down his gullet while his competitors puke trying to keep up with him.

    He will be missed, to be sure. However, I think the headline of, "World Hot Dog-Eating Champion Crippled by Jaw Injury," is a little bit dramatic, don't you?



    Greetings from Sao Roque, Brazil!

    Something I just discovered -- when you access Blogger from another country, it's smart enough to detect it and change the default language accordingly (whether you want it to or not...):

    I don't know whether to be happy about that or a little creeped out.

    Sunday, June 24, 2007

    Holy crap!

    A few weeks ago, I had some luck getting through to win some cash on GSN's Quiznation.

    It just happened again!!!

    The bad news: No hot female host this evening -- apparently, they're trying to appeal to the ladies now, so the host was some dude named Jeff.

    The good news: My score this evening was $500!!

    Tonight's Mensa-worthy puzzle was a "Flirt's licence plate:"


    The answer was, of course, "too forward," and yes, I need to get a life.

    Saturday, June 23, 2007

    More Parenting 101

    Billy Bob: Hey, Jimmy?
    Jimmy: Yeah, Billy Bob?
    Billy Bob: Remember when we got the dog drunk?
    Jimmy: Yeah. Heh, heh, heh. Shoot, that was funny!
    Billy Bob: Well, what should we do now? I'm bored.
    Jimmy: How 'bout the kid?
    Billy Bob: Hey, great idea!
    Jimmy: And you know what would be even better?
    Billy Bob: What's that, Jimmy?
    Jimmy: We could videotape it!
    Billy Bob: You're a genius, Jimmy.

    Unfortunately, this wasn't fiction:
    A 10-month-old boy in Florida was caught on videotape sipping a high-octane cocktail - gin and juice - and his mother and two relatives now are facing child abuse charges.

    The boy's 16-year-old Brandenton, Fla., mother was arrested Thursday and charged with one count of child neglect without great bodily harm, and one count of child abuse without great bodily harm, both of which are felonies.

    An aunt, Heather L. Moore, 21, and John D. Bell, 45, an uncle, were arrested Wednesday and each charged with one of child abuse without great bodily harm.

    [shaking head] That's going to be one screwed up kid!

    Friday, June 22, 2007

    Fun things I did during my break - part 3

    On Monday, I participated in the Patriot Golf Open. It was a best-ball scramble format with dinner and prizes, and part of the entry fee went to Disabled American Veterans, so it seemed like a good excuse to play hookey from work.

    The tourney was pretty fun. I didn't see a lot of familiar faces, though. The NARN was represented by King B., but there were no other MOB-sters as far as I could tell. I did also see Terry and Marty, representing Keegan's.

    I signed up as a single, so I was assigned to a random foursome. I ended up playing with Anthony - a mortgage broker, Chuck - a history teacher (a conservative history teacher -- a very rare breed these days!), and his son, Matt. Nice guys, and good golfers, all.

    We did well (finished seven-under-par), but not quite well enough to win. Still, it was a very enjoyable day, and I'll probably do it again next year. If anyone is interested in forming a MOB team, let me know...

    Fun things I did during my break - part 2

    I can't even begin to count the number of times I've heard radio commercials for the show, Triple Espresso, all of which pretty much went in one ear and out the other.

    A couple of weeks ago, though, a friend told me he'd seen the show with a group and that it was pretty funny. He also noted that it was a kid-friendly show and that he thought my girls would like it. A few days later, as I was looking for something fun and different to do with the girls for Father's Day, serendipitously, I got an email from work promoting discounted tickets for Triple Espresso.

    So we went on Father's Day -- and it was an absolute blast! The show was laugh-out-loud funny for me and for my daughters. I highly recommend it for anyone looking for a fun family-friendly activity.

    Fun things I did during my break - part 1

    First, in case anyone is interested, yes, I will be continuing the "Best of the MOB" feature, resuming next week.


    Now, I've mentioned before that a newly-found guilty pleasure of mine is to watch "Quiznation" on the Game Show Network. Well, a few weeks ago, I actually got through to play!

    My Mensa-level puzzle was of the rebus variety:


    Of course, the answer was, "an afterthought," and that was enough to win me $200!

    In addition to the dough, I also got to speak briefly with a former Miss USA (2004), host Shandi Finnessey. Nothing against the experience of winning a free beer at Keegan's and seeing the lovely and talented Marty, but...

    Just sayin'. [CC to Anti-Strib, maybe a worthy candidate for a certain Friday feature?]

    Thursday, June 21, 2007

    I'm back -- with an important announcement

    Did ya miss me?

    After five weeks off, I've survived my little scheduling logjam, and I'm refreshed and ready to snark again.

    I've tried to keep up on MOB happenings, though. I've noticed there are others who've taken and returned from hiati (plural of hiatus?) -- some lasting longer than others.

    For much of the MOB, though, it seems like I never left. It's good to have the constants, whether it's Paris Hilton-themed top 11 lists, the fight against killer squirrels, or poop. And Kevie still seems to be struggling to figure out how he feels about the proposed immigration legislation.

    There is, however, an increasing buzz around the blogosphere for the potential presidential run of a certain actor named Fred. I think that's great! I've always been a fan of Fred's work, and when you combine his charm with his experience in Congress, it sounds like a winnning combination! I know this may seem premature, but I'd like to go ahead and formally endorse...

    Gopher for President!!