Friday, October 17, 2008

Best of the MOB, October 10-16

Update: This week's BOMOB winner is Mark the Plumber Mr. D in a landslide. Well done, sir!


Happy Friday!

Please check out the posts below and vote either here or at the sidebar. The poll will stay open until noon on Monday. Vote early and often, and have a great weekend!

Best of the MOB, 10/10 - 10/16/08
  • "Obamessiah Speaks in Tongues," flyoverguy, October 10. Nominated for producing a video that captures the essence of Barack Obama's, uh..., qualifications to be President.

  • "To Infinity And Beyond - Tinklenberg’s Big Choo Choo Earmarks," Residual Forces, October 13. Nominated for noting E. Tink's plans to throw more money at teh mass transit.

  • "Slavery & Abortion," Where are the Isotopes I ordered?, October 14. Nominated for the apt comparison of one atrocity to another.

  • "Obama Brats," True North, October 15. Nominated for calling out young "intellectuals" for what they are.

  • "Who Will Rid Me of this Troublesome Plumber?," Mr. Dilettante, October 16. Nominated for commentary on the temporary diversion of the Left's ire away from Sarah Palin and toward an average Joe.

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