Friday, August 29, 2008

NOW, I'm on board!!

By now, everyone knows that Senator McCain announced that Gov. Sarah Palin is his running-mate. Everyone and his brother is analyzing the political brilliance of the pick, so I won't bore you with my "me, too," except to say that I'm very happy today!

For those interested, her bio is here.

As I said before, if McCain had chosen a pro-choice VP, it would have been a huge problem for me (and certainly many others). With Gov. Palin, we have someone who is not only pro-life ideologically, but someone who has as much as anyone "walked the walk" with the issue.

I'm referring to he newborn son, Trig, who has Down Syndrome. Today it is commonplace for pregnant mothers to pre-screen babies for Down Syndrome, and an alarming number of babies testing positive are aborted -- around 90%! Instead of making that "choice," Sarah Palin instead gave birth to baby Trig, upon which she said (as relayed on Laura Ingraham's show this morning), "When I saw him, I saw perfection."

The life debate is gaining greater than average scrutiny this election cycle, thanks to Obama/Pelosi style radicalism. As a pro-life conservative (and as a dad), is truly heartening to see someone on our ticket who is not only right on the issue, but has shown leadership by example.

It's a good day to be a conservative.

Best of the MOB, August 22 - 28

Update: Katie's Beer is this week's winner -- Congrats and well done!!


Happy Friday!

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Best of the MOB, 8/22 - 8/28/08
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  • Thursday, August 28, 2008


    Very classy. Well done, Senator McCain.

    Tuesday, August 26, 2008

    Pass it on

    Michelle Malkin reports on the Obama campaign's attempts to intimidate TV stations that run the Ayres ad by the American Issues Project.

    As she says, "Here is the ad Barack Obama doesn’t want you to see. Pass it on."

    Consider it passed...

    Maybe we could play it safe?

    Hugh is all over the story of Nancy Pelosi's interview on Meet the Press last Sunday and subsequent reaction. Catholic leaders are understandably furious about her misrepresentations of their doctrine, but what struck me was this from her about when life begins:
    "We don't know. The point is, is that it shouldn't have an impact on the woman's right to choose."

    This is absolutely stunning to me. By saying, "We don't know," Speaker Pelosi is acknowledging that what she calls a right to choose may very well be the choice to end a life. Given that, she would still prefer to allow that choice!

    I'm glad that the life debate is getting greater than average scrutiny this election cycle as a result of not just Pelosi's dopey comments, but Barack Obama's radical history on the issue. The nearly 50 million aborted in the US since Roe v. Wade would have been glad, too.

    Is that really necessary?

    Last weekend, I say a young woman wearing a tee shirt which read the following:
    gay? fine with me.

    Now, she's obviously the enlightened progressive type, so good for her. The problem I had with this particular display was not the message, but rather the setting. At the time, I was with my daughters at an elementary school playground.

    Now that they're getting pretty good at reading, there was certainly the potential for a "Daddy, what does 'gay' mean?" moment. I'll be more than happy to field that question when the time is right, but I don't believe ages 6 and 7 is that time.

    So, to anyone feeling the need to express just how fabulously uber-tolerant you are, please keep your adult messages in appropriate adult settings and out of my children's grade school.


    Friday, August 22, 2008

    Best of the MOB, August 15 - 21

    As mentioned below, I didn't make time to surf the MOB this week. However, in the comments, Margaret and Mr. D. were kind enough to point me to a piece by Night Writer that is truly something special. It's a great example of writing and an even better example of living.

    So, there's no poll this week. The people have spoken, and this week's BOMOB is, "Filings: Man on the Street."

    Well done, sir.

    Thursday, August 21, 2008

    After some consideration...

    I've decided that being arbiter of "Best of the MOB" is above my pay grade. Therefore, effective immediately, the feature is discontinued.

    Ok, just kidding. I've just been too busy this week to research our finest in local web journalism (or to post anything myself, for that matter). Sorry for being a slacker -- I'll get back at it next week.

    Seacrest out.

    Friday, August 15, 2008

    Best of the MOB, August 8 - 14

    Update: Congrats to What If?, who scored the overtime BOMOB victory this week!


    Update (Mon 8:45 pm): At noon, the voting was tied, and it still is now, so I'll leave the poll up until noon Tuesday.


    Happy Friday!

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    Best of the MOB, 8/8 - 8/14/08
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  • "Risk and Reward," What if?, August 13. Nominated for reminding us it's possible to be too safe.

  • "A new banned word, thanks to Ben Stiller!," Anti-Strib, August 14. Nominated for expressing frustration in those with a retarded sense of humor.

  • "Your Neighbors Have Had Their Home Invaded, What Do You Do?," Cake Eater Chronicles, August 14. Nominated for analysis of Poland's defensive maneuvering.

  • "Naval Blockade of Iran Likely," EckerNet, August 14. Nominated for analysis of recent activity in the Persian Gulf.

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    Wednesday, August 13, 2008

    Hugh's right

    Today Hugh Hewitt said on his blog (and reiterated on his radio show):
    Discussing the possibility of a pro-choice veep is fine, and perhaps even excellent politics. Actually picking a running mate who is pro-choice would end the momentum that has been shifting to McCain, and almost certainly destroy the prospect of his winning. Conservatives who have begun to recognize the danger posed by an Obama presidency to the national security of the United States and put their shoulder to the wheel would melt away by the millions as they would see the effective evisceration of the party's pro-life commitment.

    It's no secret that I wasn't thrilled McCain ended up as our nominee. It is comforting for me, however, that John McCain is solidly pro-life, particularly since he's running against a Democrat who's not just pro-choice, but an abortion rights extremist.

    Today, the names of both Tom Ridge and Joe Lieberman were tossed around as potential running-mates for McCain. Both are good men, but either on the ticket would be a punch in the gut to those of us for whom the life issue matters just when many are beginning to warm up to the idea of a McCain presidency.

    I agree with Hugh's statement that the selection of a pro-choicer as VP would cause his support to "melt away by the millions," of which I would be one. Now don't worry, I won't vote for Obama, because I love my country, and I wouldn't trust Obama to be competent enough to run a bake sale, much less America.

    I'll vote for McCain, but giving away the life issue will make me that much less willing to donate my time or my money in support of the campaign, and I'm sure I'm not the only one who feels that way.

    Of course, the flip side is true, too. The choice of a strong pro-life conservative as McCain's running mate would greatly strengthen the support of those of us who may have been lukewarm until now. I hope he recognizes that he needs us if he wants to win in November.

    Monday, August 11, 2008

    What media bias?

    Dog bites man: Corrupt Democrat gets assist from MSM:
    We told you about Detroit Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick getting out of jail Friday. Thursday, when the Associated Press reported that he had been imprisoned for violating terms of his bond in his perjury case, the AP failed to mention his party affiliation. Kilpatrick is a Democrat.

    But back on July 29, when Alaska Senator Ted Stevens was indicted, the AP made his party affiliation clear. The headline read, "Ted Stevens indicted, longest-serving GOP senator." The article included the word "Republican" seven times and "GOP" four times.

    Media watchdog Web site reports that both "ABC World News" and "NBC Nightly News" also failed to report Kilpatrick's party affiliation.

    Innocent mistake, I'm sure...

    Friday, August 08, 2008

    Principled stance

    The DNC may be saying thanks, but no thanks to John Edwards regarding addressing the upcoming convention in Denver.
    Some Democrats are saying John Edwards needs to publicly address stories in the National Enquirer that he had an affair with a campaign worker and fathered her child. The Charlotte Observer reports that if the former Democratic presidential candidate fails to provide a sufficient response, party officials may not ask him to speak at the Democratic convention in Denver later this month.

    Former North Carolina Democratic Party Chairman Don Fowler says, "If there is not an explanation that's satisfactory, acceptable and meets high moral standards, the answer is 'no,' he would not be a prime candidate to make a major address to the convention."

    And Gary Pearce, who ran Edwards' 1998 Senate campaign says, "It's clearly getting ready to bust out. If it's not true, he's got to stand up and say, 'This is not true....'"

    It's nice to see the DNC taking a moral stand here. They are making the clear statement that they do not want their party represented by politicians whose reputations have been scarred by infidelity and scandal.

    In related news, it was announced that Bill Clinton will address the convention on Wednesday, August 27.

    Best of the MOB, August 1 - 7

    Update: Congratulations to this week's BOMOB winner, (the) Tenacious (Mr.) D!


    Happy Friday!

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    Best of the MOB, 8/1 - 8/7/08
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  • "Fairness Doctrine in Transit," Speed Gibson, August 5. Nominated for a clever line of thinking about alternatives to our choo-choo boondoggle.

  • "What's My Line?," Mr. Dilettante, August 6. Nominated for bringing to light someone who may prefer to stay under the radar as she raids your wallet.

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    Sunday, August 03, 2008

    Prayer request

    Leo at Psycmeistr's Ice Palace has had two sudden serious medical emergencies in his family -- his son's girlfriend, Brooke (brain injury from a traffic accident), and his sister-in-law's sister, Shiela (kidney and liver failure).

    His posts are here and here.

    Please pray for a quick (as possible) and full recovery for both these young ladies and for strength and comfort for Leo and his family.

    I object

    Gas prices high enough for ya? Too bad! The majority party in Congress doesn't care.

    Even if prices were to reach $10 per gallon for gas, the Don't Drill Democrats have no intention of acting to resolve the oil shortage.

    Here's proof (HT Instapundit):

    Saturday, August 02, 2008

    Unfair smear

    There was quite a reaction to John McCain's ad "Celebrity" ad last week in which he juxtaposed images of Barack Obama with those of Britney Spears and Paris Hilton.

    In fact, some were downright mad about it. Now, normally, I'd tell those folks to lighten up and get a sense of humor, but not this time. I've thought about it, and I'm mad about the ad, too.

    Sure, the three have in common that they have become worldwide celebrities without the talent to warrant the attention, but I feel it is an unfair and unnecessary smear to compare Britney and Paris to Obama, at least until we learn more about the girls' stances on policy issues.

    For instance, I have no evidence that either Britney or Paris would be inclined to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory in the Global War on Terror, should either become Commander in Chief.

    I also have no evidence that Britney or Paris would have an energy policy as silly and impotent as Obama's.

    Further, I have no evidence that either Britney or Paris would call for multi-faceted tax hikes that would all but ensure a plunge of our economy into recession.

    And finally, I am not aware that either Britney or Paris are on record supporting a woman's right to abortion in the fourth trimester.

    So let's lay off these girls, ok? Their reputations have been tarnished enough.

    It's official

    Red State Update declares:
    "It took sixty years, but the pussification of Germany is at last complete."

    If I were writing the headlines

    Girardi to keep Wang out through September

    I'm such a child...

    Friday, August 01, 2008

    Best of the MOB, July 25 - 31

    Update: This weekend's voting had all the suspense of a Cubs-Brewers series, but still, congrats to Uncle Ben for the BOMOB win!


    Happy Friday!

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    Best of the MOB, 7/25 - 7/31/08
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  • "A Huge and Long Overdue Victory for New Brighton Property Owners," Boots On, July 27. Nominated for reporting a local effort to resist being Kelo'd.

  • ""Further Yet...." or "How to Propose Marriage in Seventeen Easy Steps"," Hammerswing 75, July 29. Nominated for a sweet story about a great guy proposing to a great gal (Congrats again!).

  • "The GOP Needs an Enema," Jay, July 29. Nominated for noting the disgrace that is Sen. Ted "Bridge to Nowhere" Stevens.

  • "The Great Fire Hydrant Debate of 2008!!," America's Small City Mayor, July 30. Nominated for reminding us you can't please everyone.

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